Monday, August 13, 2007

Life is a pre-existing condition

I am applying for new insurance and I tell them what the school requires, and then what I need, which isn't much. The only thing I take regularly is birth control (hey, I'm married, don't get any ideas.) Their response?

"Just to let you know, any time that you are taking current medications, they are considered pre-existing conditions on individual health plans, and more than likely, they will be EXCLUDED from the plan, possibly indefinitely."

Top 3 reasons this is stupid:
  1. You'd think there would be a system in place to give medical students access to decent medical care. Not so much.
  2. If I have been taking a drug before now and possibly have been for awhile, maybe its b/c I NEED IT and if I can't afford it b/c its not covered, then I might cost my insurance some money in dealing with whatever issue I was trying to prevent.
  3. If birth control is indicative of a pre-existing condition, what exactly is that condition? Fertility? Being a woman??

Sunday, August 12, 2007


A little fun with Jesse's puggle- Dr. Max