Thursday, September 13, 2007

My top 3 moments as a D.O.


    Jesse and I hiding in a corner to look at our final anatomy grades

B/c my undergrad was stupid, pre-meds didn’t take anatomy and so my
first semester of med school, it was brutal. I knew it was down to only
a couple points. So close that I could only miss like 2 questions out
of 40 on the final practical. Once I heard the grades were in, Jesse
and I went down to the mailboxes and pulled out our grade slips. I was so nervous the my reaction was to ball it up and throw it in the corner! I
chased after it, hid in the corner, and uncrumpled the ball slowly,
revealing my passing grade of 70.5%, then screamed and jumped up &
down with Jesse.


    Dancing to “Sexy Back” with the UAAO fellows

So it was the final night at the UAAO convocation in Colorado Springs
last year. They had their annual Fellows Banquet where all the fellows
converge and induct the new president and fellows. Its a big friggin’
deal, in the D.O. world anyway. All the top mindsy hold a dessert and
dancing reception. They played the typical music you play at wedding
receptions so every generation can dance. So, like, no rap or anything
beyond the 90’s. I’m bored after awhile, so, just to see if he’ll even
play it, I request Justin Timberlake. I didn’t think he would, and if
he did, that the older docs wouldn’t dance. But the next song up, there
it is! I wait for the dance floor to clear, but I actually see tons
more older docs getting up and joining in! By the end, they were not
only all dancing, but singing along! D.O.’s are so cool.

And tonight, I had my #1 moment…..

    Getting shitfaced with my preceptors

I was invited to a dinner provided for by some drug reps, held at the
steakhouse up the street called Nine 75. Now, my docs are totally laid
back and lots of fun anyway, but over cocktails, they are a riot. I
walk in and one of the docs gives me a big hug, then hooks my arm to
head to the bar and gets me a martini. We stay hook armed, with me
introducing him to the 3 other med students from KCOM that showed up
(Yay!) and head to the room they’ve set up for the presentation. The
other 2 docs in the practice give me a hug and we sit down to
appetizers, like sushi and empenadas, and the waiter plies us with
wine. Our speaker is Sanjay Gupta (no, not the CNN doc, but you’d think
the confusion would have drawn more people in), an ENT surgeon who
presents on rhinitis. We get into a rousing discussion, interjected
with jokes and the occasional pimping. I get asked what the Kiesselbach’s plexus
is, and I have no idea, to which the doc replies “Oh man, you don’t
know the anatomy, your ass is grass tomorrow!” and I’m like, “I’m 3 drinks down and I got a 70.5% in anatomy, so no shit!”
Then we learned the best way to deal with rhinitis–> KY Jelly.
Remember, just don’t use the warming kind. We drink and eat and laugh
and tell stories for almost 4 hours, just enough time to sober up and
get back at a decent hour. God, that was fun.

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