Friday, December 14, 2007

Way Better than Bacon Salt

The t-shirts and magnets I received from my father and step-mom–

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it yet, but the Type B girls have a ridiculous gift exchange going. I have Jesse, Jesse has Katie, and Katie has me. I purposely didn’t get Katie b/c for her birthday, I got her bacon salt, and really, how can you top that? So anyway, when I received this in the mail, I automatically assumed it was from Katie. But no, from the dadoo. Good luck beating this Katie!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"He has more active cultures than the Middle East"

We’re waiting for our 10am patient in the conference room, listening to drug reps talk about insulin. They brought REALLY good coffee from the Atlanta Bread Co, so I am very happy to pretend to listen. Don’t worry, I’ve heard this spiel before. I’d be in trouble if I hadn’t b/c I’m a
little too distracted by my own thoughts.

“Lantus is meant to maintain basal insulin levels…”

(Mmm coffeeeeeeeeee)

“… an insulin drip maintained 4 days post surg decreases mortality by…”

(Oh god, so gooood. It doesn’t even need sweetener)

“…so don’t use the sliding scale protocol, you should now use the subQ…”

(num num num… pretending to listen but actually blogging… and reveling in caffeine bliss…num num num)

“…almost 66% of hyperglycemics are undiagnosed diabetics and…”

(oh thank you Jesus for caffeine, seriously why did I stay up so late watching An Inconvenient Truth? I have a 4-day weekend coming up and it was Netflix. The whole point of Netflix is there is no due date and now what will I watch this weekend? Maybe Hairspray. I should really study for the upcoming Internal Med test. I have no idea how to study for it though. I should talk to…)

My Doc:
“…I didn’t go but Michelle did… what did they say Michelle?”

(SHIT) “Huh? About what in particular?”

My Doc:
“Which receptor is inhibited in that niacin drug from yesterday?”

"Dp1 in the Langerhaans cell”

My Doc:
“Oh ok, ya, apparently that reduces flushing…”

(Smooth one, Hill)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The "Go On Home" Test

Over lunch today, the other IM med students and I were discussing how we react when the resident tells us we can go home early. There are basically two ways to react:

1) Exclaim "Sweet!" and bounce on out the door.

2) Your internal monologue exclaims "Sweet!" but you just have to ask "Are you sure?" out of guilt.

I admitted to being the second type. Not even half an hour later, our resident said "Well, you can skidaddle if you want to." I couldn't help it, I had to ask "Are you sure?" He paused for a moment and said "Well, why don't you go make sure nothing's going on in the ER and then you can go." Naturally I ended up doing a two-hour complete H&P. As I was walking to the ER, one of the other med students said "That's what you get for asking," and bounced on outta there.

I'll probably still ask next time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poor Little Bunny

No truer video has ever been made.

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