Saturday, September 8, 2007

My texts & twitters

Awhile ago on dooce, she posted a link to some of her friends texts still stored on her phone, some from years back.

This has inspired me to post some of mine that I found. Enjoy.

- Its blowing my mind that OJ Simpson and Ian McShane (Al Swearangen!) were in Roots. And no, no one said cocksucker & it was the worse for it
- I did a name generator ie pimp name, porn name, etc...all STUPID except my punk band=CURIOUS MORMONS!
- Denver Culture Clash #2- Its easy to get confused about movie times when there is another movie theater ACROSS THE STREET.
- Denver culture clash #1- So, there are things called ghettos, & I shouldn't send Josh there to get $500. He had to pull his gun on somebody.
- katie and I found more japanes porn, why do they like sex w monsters and underage gils? (I was drunk)
- Nope , no cat-rabbits (Don't ask. I don't know either)
- Girls, prepare to be proud of me: I went to bed at 2am last night. Its 5pm now... I JUST woke up. (it was the day after boards)
- Just a can full of Jones Cream Soda helps the neurology go down
- I AM alive and am looking forward to hours and hours of Kidney.
- From my fave Mommy blog: 6yo daughter MC (to tune of I'm A Little Teapot): When I ride my pony into town, they Fuck! me over and knock me down
- Owwww. Can you pull your uvula?
- The flavor of the day is shittalottacrappa
- Jesse is a big stupid head. (my very first twitter!)

Texts currently on my phone:
- I have now officially seen the flattest pancake ass ever -from Katie
I just talked to a guy from U of Utah, its not just our guys, all mormon wives are hot -from Jesse
- Honey get steaks for dinner, I can chew! -to Josh
- God or financial aid hates female doctors- to Jesse
Denver has everything. I just passed a Casket Mart -to Josh, Jesse & Katie
- B like Bliver! -to Jesse
- Right now my fellow [McJob] employees are discussing their fave Steven Seagal movies. Aaaah! -
to Josh, Jesse & Katie
The high today was 100 and now its hailing. Am I still in MO? -to Katie & Jesse

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh My God! Katie's Blogging!

So today was day 1 of rotations, and it was...............awesome! I wrote up my first note and prescription (granted it was only sinusitis, but I was excited! Shut up! Look it was cool I swear, get off my back!) and I had to double check with the resident like twenty times to make sure I wasn't taking over some responsibility that only the grown ups get to do while I sit in a chair that's too high off the ground for me and swing my legs.
It also helps that the place I'm starting off at is a family practice clinic where everyone is super laid back. Just when I thought I was getting a little tired, the cell phone of the doc I was working with went off and the ring tone was "Chip, I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey!" Yesss!
That is all for now, but I will make an effort to blog more often. Have no fear, good citizens. Wait, strike that, be afraid, be very afraid.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Med school videos

The Office: Med School Edition

Pitt Med: Above the Apathy

Osteostache Documentary Teaser

KCOM Orientation: Lawnmower Man