Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day in the Life of a Type B Med Student

From: Michelle vs the Med Student, entry: Type B Med Students...they do exist.

Poster: Michelle

All the med student bloggers eventually get a request to illustrate a typical day as a med student. They are all usually very scary, showing them engrossed in hours of classes and studying, capping the day off with a crying jag and a shot of jack daniels, pondering “Why God? Why am I doing this to myself?” Well, I’m not gonna say it isn’t really hard and the schedule can get crazy some weeks, but generally its doable. Here’s the day of a Type B personality in an ocean of Type A gunners-


12midnight- I am working on a quiz due tomorrow for Women’s Health. Its a bitch. If I knew it would take so long I would have started it before 10pm. But hey, I just literally spent the whole weekend studying for Boards (We had Kaplan Review for 18 hours). But ROXY IS HELPING us with the quiz.

1am- We call it a night. I set the alarm for 7am. Josh is already asleep. Tessy is at my feet. Roxy is snuggled up to my butt.

7am- Alarm goes off, I WAKE UP TO THIS. Roxy jumps on the bed and starts poking me. I lean over to turn off the alarm and just then she curls up on my pillow. This is a helpful trick of hers to make sure I get up to let her out. I throw on a robe and let the dogs out. I wash my face, gargle, and let the doggies back in. Fuck its cold!

7:15am- Heat up some coffee, pour a bowl of cereal, plop down in front of computer to check my e-mail. I read my Xanga subscriptions (Oh Ryan, you and your kooky birding stories) and read the latest blips of news (The dead duck came back to life!)

7:30am- Get dressed and make myself perrty (ok…presentable). Roxy always sticks her paws under the door. I slide my robe tie under the door and we play a little tug of war until I finally let go and I watch the tie disappear under the door.
7:40am- Start the car, I SEE THIS. Did I mention its fucking cold?

7:50am- Kiss the hubby, pet the dogs, head to class.

8am- DERM- I know, I know. Class at 8am? I say thats for chumps, or at least morning people, which I am neither, but we have a quiz at the end of lecture. At some point the Derm guys say “infucktion” instead of “infarction.” I nearly pee my pants. Not b/c I’m 5 years old, but b/c it reminded me of last night when I kept saying “aortic dicksuction” instead of “dissection” by accident.

9am-DERM again!- This time I know there is no quiz but the material might be on Thursday’s quiz so I halfheartedly listen while I write up some fake surgical orders. Anonymous mentioned his surgery professors might or might not be assholes…not sure :) … but mine has graciously decided to help people refine their order writing skills without us having to worry about points, so I’m trying to take advantage.

10am- There are two hours of Cardiology coming up and though this professor is quite foxy, she is also very easy to follow on Noteservice (a service we have here that records the lectures) and I am fading fast, so I head back home for a glorious 2 hour nap. Like I said, I’m not a morning person.

Noon- Wakeup, throw in a load of laundry and make myself a mac & cheese cup for lunch. Mmm triple cheese. I find this hilarious blog called Ah Yes, Medical School by Fake Doctor. I love his astute analysis of Gray’s Anatomy and description of the shame spiral that is medical school.

1pm- SURGERY- I love this guy. His lecture was called Wound Care but he ended up giving a whole lecture dispelling the myths of wound care techniques and the overprescription of antibiotics.

(1)Why do people use hydrogen peroxide instead of flushing it with saline? The only reason is b/c it burns & foams so people think it must work better!

(2) Do you order antibiotics when the wound is red, feels hot, has identifiable swelling, the patient reports pain in the area, the appropriate culture demonstrates a pathogen, the WBC is 13,000 w/ a left shift and the patient feels nauseated and weak w/ a 102 temp?Even after all this….NO! You must investigate all sources of infection other than wound, ie urosepsis.


1:50pm- We head to the OTM table at the front of the class and I crack Katie’s back. She returns the favor by popping a rib back into place. I hug her leg and bite her. Good OTM has that effect on me.

This is the only doctor I can think of that wears his scrubs to class. I notice this b/c not only is he a big guy talking about girl parts but they are colorful, patterned scrubs that he tucks in…barely. They almost don’t quite make it over the gut. Again, I normally don’t talk about people’s fashion sense or guts, (cuz of the landslide case of stone v. glass houses) but he occasionally will comment on how he understands the plight of pregnant women having the big abdomen in the way. I think more people would notice this kookiness about him if his voice wasn’t so rhythmic and monotone and utterly sleep indu…..zzz.

To wake up, I have Katie jump on me piggy back style and I run down the hallway with her on me. Effective as usual.

3pm- PHARM- I normally never EVER go to this class. Its all memorization and the slide packets are good enough, there’s no need to have them repeated verbatim to me. However, today we had a special guest speaker from St. Louis College of Pharmacy about anti-microbials. It was the same kind of lecture we normally get, but with a new, younger face and the slides were tinted periwinkle blue. You know. To liven things up. Woo. I half-heartedly listen as I nerd around on my pda.

3:50-I’m FREE! I run to the post office and bank, then head home. ROXY IS WAITING. She has jumped up on the back of the couch to greet me at the window. I come inside, set down my shit and let the dogs outside. I grab a quick snack, change, and head out to meet Katie at the gym.

4:30- WORKOUT-
30 min on the crosstrainer, then 3 sets of legs alternating with abs, then 3 sets of arms alternating with back. Katie & I have been trying to work out everyday we can. This sedentary lifestyle threatens to jump me a pant size higher but being the poor med student I am, I can’t afford the new pants, so I’m trying to keep the bootie in check. Workout plans have never worked for me until I found a good buddy. Though I have to thank Sandra for getting me going. BTW, she’s back and doing pretty well considering.

Back home. Throw some chicken in the oven, corn on the stove and hop in the shower. By the time I get done, the meal’s ready. I plop down in front of the computer and watch last week’s Gray’s free off Did I mention the fact I don’t have TV? I’m poor and I don’t feel like paying to lower my grades, but I am more than happy to catch the occasional tivo’d House or American Idol at a friend’s house :) Speaking of which…

7pm- Head over to Peacock’s to study for the Ortho test tomorrow. We get through the practice tests and end up watching American Idol and Frisky Dingo. What? You’ve never heard of Frisky Dingo?!


Now watch part 2 of episode 1

Others:”Please don’t kill us?”
Killface: “Don’t make it so appealing!”

11pm- Peacock’s husband is back from work, and mine will be too pretty soon. I head back home, start studying some of the finer points of Ortho. The dogs are chilling out.

1am- Off to bed. I set the alarm for 7am. Got that test at 8am after all. I fall asleep to thoughts of ORIF. Tessy is at my feet. Roxy is snuggled up to my butt.

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