Wednesday, May 9, 2007

National Geographic Wild: Med School Safari

My surgery group had to do a presentation today in front of the class, and then get pimped by the surgeon afterwards. Since we haven't done much of this, our whole group was a little stressed out before the presentation, so we were meeting to go over our facts. (About a disease we've never seen and surgical procedures we've never heard about about the blind leading the blind.)

Some of the other groups presented on Monday, and the people who were there (not me, I was at home sleeping) were talking about how the presentations went. I guess in one of the groups, midway through the presentation, one person walked away from their group and went and stood all by themselves on the other side of the room. That person ended up apparently getting grilled with questions at the end of the presentation.

A guy in our group brought up the fact that that's the way to get singled out, separate yourself from the group. "It's like National Geographic, separate the weak ones from the tribe, then attack!"

A particularly hilarious girl in my group (who I should get to guest post here) said, "Yep, it's just like that. Look over there! A zebra in the quicksand!"

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Katie said...

Note: My group apparantly had a completely wrong diagnosis, yet we were pimped on a grand total of two things, which were easy enough that the whole group answered simultaneously. I feel like we won some sort of prize.