Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The agreed upon schedule for the week

step1.jpg VS

day- catch up on Path
night- Boards Physiology studying

day- catch up on surgery
night- TV & Margaritas Night at Jesse’s!

day- catch up on OMM
night- OMM Final studying

day- take OMM final, do surgery presentation
night- Jack Daniels, and perhaps a movie


The Angry Medic said...

That movie? Make it Spidey 3. Great for a laugh. Really :)

And how DO you keep that submissions post at the top like that? I've been trying to figure it out forever but never could.

P.S. I am totally guest posting here, as soon as my exams are over. You BETTER keep a slot open for me :)

Michelle said...

I bought the jose cuervo, and yes, jesse, why didn't we think of this first year?

Angry Medic- I totally wrote Spidey 3, but then changed it b/c I couldn't remember if Pirates 3 came out this Fri or next. I'm pretty certain its next. And when are your exams done? We have finals next week then its a month off to study for boards. Posting might get a little light then...so well, anytime :) Oh, and Borat quotes are always encouraged.

As for the guest posting announcement, I'l have to ask Jesse, the master designer.

Jesse said...

Hey AM,

As far as the sticky post, in blogger 2.0 or whatever, I just go to the template tab, then page elements, and somewhere (for us its in the side bar) there's a button that says "Add page element". Click that, and then "Text", and then just type in whatever you want as a post. After you get done and save it, then you can drag n' drop it to the top of your page or wherever you want it.

Let me know if you've still got questions abt how to do it!
-Jesse, the computer geek/med student

Michelle said...

And by Pirates, I meant Shrek.
Hardly different.