Saturday, May 5, 2007

An intellectual conversation about smoking cessation programs

3:10 PM
me:this is how you get patients to stop smoking
Katie: lol, or this:

3:12 PM me:bwahahahahaha
I need to do that after successful OMM
Katie: lol
me: "it worked, it worked, bwahahahaha!"
Katie: but first you have to warn people that you are an evil doctor
3:15 PM me: nah
3:16 PM I didn't go to evil medical school for 4 years for me to have to tell people, thank you very much, they should know by my title
dr. michelle, evil do
Katie: E.D.O.?
me: right


Amanzi Down Under said...

Laugh Out Loud!!! (I thought the videoclip deserved more than an acronym)
I was working in the UK when they started this anti-smoking campaign... The cigarette burns between the fingers until the ash falls off... It kind of made you think that the message was: "If you smoke, your dick will fall off"

The Angry Medic said...

Like, WHOA. I didn't know they HAD that much brains in the NHS to think up a poster like that!

Anonymous said...

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