Sunday, April 29, 2007

The answer is B. Man Juice

Remember Love Line? With Dr Drew? Yeah, you know you remember watching it in high school when it was on MTV, don't lie.

I found a radio station that's playing it, and here's the quick convo update with Katie:

10:49 PM me: quote from dr drew radio show i'm half listening to:
"so i think I'm allergic to....
"my boyfriend's....
10:50 PM man juice"
Katie: lol
that seems like an allergic reaction that would not leave me giggling
me: esp to man juice
thats the medical term
10:51 PM Katie: right, I'll have to memorize that for boards


MHill said...

Maybe fresh-squeezed is too pulpy.

Jesse said...

Actually, if you want the medical response, he figured out that she was using Ortho-Lo, and probably just needed some estrogen supplements...and was having sex for too long...but that's much more boring than man juice.