Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Study-Free Weekend Well Spent

Recently Michelle and I were listening to someone speak about how to maintain balance in med school. One of her tips was "take Fridays off", at which point Michelle and I were thinking "Just Friday?" Well, this past weekend was a three day weekend, so I decided to take Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off; go home; and allow my boyfriend, family, and friends to entertain me for four days.

I managed to accomplish a viewing of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon which was excellent, but, for reasons that would take way to long to explain, reminded me of the pediatrician I had when I was in fifth grade. This doc is reminds me of the Real Med Students of Genius video Mr. Really Bad With Children Guy. Here's a sample of what it was like to see this doctor:

my chief complaint: on-going nausea, dizziness, slight headache, lethargy
Here's the dialogue
doctor: (to my mom) it sounds like migraines. (to me) Guess we'll have to cut your head
sick, tired Katie's internal monologue: Not the time for that joke, NOT THE TIME!

During a school screening, the nurse noticed I had scoliosis, so I had to be evaluated by my
pediatrician. Naturally they had me put on a gown (which, by the way, they made me put on a gown every time I went to this physician, regardless of what I was there for. In retrospect I find that creepy.) Next the doc proceeded to pull the neckline of the gown down to below my chest (with no warning!) before beginning to evaluate my back. Now, keep in mind I was eleven at the time, and although I did not have fully developed breasts, they were certainly larger than they'd ever been up to that point. Also my dad was still in the room with a look on his face that said "I'm very uncomfortable with this. Am I suppose to leave or something?"

The guy's overall bedside manner was pretty bad, but those were the two things he did that still piss me off if I think about them.

It was an out-of-nowhere good reminder before rotations about what doctor I don't want to be.

Random good quotes from the weekend:

"You can't change the world, you can only change the yourself." -my mom
She did not say anything about my ability to conquer the world, though.

"Question: can you smell other people's success?"-my brother

....and my favorite: "Was I expecting you to come home this weekend?" -mom

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