Monday, April 30, 2007

When Med Students Attack

At least it hasn't gotten this bad over here yet.....

Medical Student Tries to Attack Family with Meat Cleaver

January 19, 2007 - 11:15PM

Members of an Albany family say they don't feel safe in their own home after a man came to their door, forced his way into the house and tried to attack them with a meat cleaver. Mary and Keith Ziobron say a man, came to their house on Monday night. Mary answered the door, and said a man she didn't know was mumbling that he was a "mad man" and said he wanted to go upstairs to her bedroom. Mary says she told the man to leave and tried to shut the door, but he forced his way in. Keith Ziobron was able to get the man, Quan Zhi Hou out of the house, and no one was hurt. But, the Ziobron's say their children have been having nightmares ever since that night. Amazingly, the Ziobron's tell us they have since found out that Quan Zhi Hou is a student at Albany Med and that the college is going to bat for him to get him out of jail. Zhi Hou is there now charged with menacing and possession of a weapon. He is due back in court next week. The Ziobron's say no matter who he is, they're worried if he makes bail, he'll try to attack someone else.

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