Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How To (Not) Successfully (Not) Fail the USMLE (or not) for D.O.'s

So I took the USMLE earlier today, and I thought I would pass along some tips for how to do as well as I did on test (mind you, score won't come back for six weeks, so I have no idea how I did)

1. Make sure you don't get enough sleep.
I worked really hard at this one. I recommend going to bed earlier starting several nights before the exam, and then toss and turn for a few hours before finally being able to fall asleep. But, be sure to wake up early every morning in hopes that by continually waking up early, you will be tired earlier. This plan should most obviously not be working when the night before the test, you go to bed at 10, toss and turn till eleven, go upstairs and watch 20 minutes of a Dateline show your brother's watching about catching child molesters, go back to bed, and then not actually fall asleep till after 2:38 (specifically).

2. Make sure you have trouble finding the testing facility. (I was really confused as to why building 2 came after buildings 1 and 3.)

3. Make sure you run into someone from your school who's taking step 2 of the COMLEX, and they start telling you how easy the test will be (sweet!), but immediately switch their pep talk to "dude, that's rough" when they find out you're taking the USMLE (ef!)

4. Almost pee your pants everytime you accidentally hit a key on the keyboard (it just takes you forward to the next question.)

But really it wasn't that bad.
Onward to the COMLEX!

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