Thursday, June 7, 2007

A way to make a boards "a bit more interesting"

My proposal:

You should be able to mark whether you were just guessing. If you mark a question as a guess, then if you miss it, you just wouldn't get that point. If you get it right, you get 1 point.

Here's the interesting part. Say you were totally confident you knew the right answer. If you get it right, you'd get...2 points! But whoa now, if you get it get 1 point deducted from your score!

Want to make it even more interesting? Set it up to where if you played it safe and marked guess on every single question, you'd need like a 90% to pass. So you'd have to gamble on the 2-pointers at some point.


In years to come, COMLEX test writers will site this entry as the reason I was never asked to contribute any questions to the boards.

1 comment:

skinnyminny8 said...

we already have that at our school./.. "confidence testing" they call it.

We don't like it though. Boys do better at it.

Its -6 for confindence 3 and wrong.
Plus 3 for confidence 3 and right.

Plus 2 for 2 and right
-1 for 2 and wrong
+1 for confidence 1 and right
-0 for confidence 1 and wrong.

Problem is, a very good, not confident person scores low.

I don't mind it, but its not ideal.

Google "LAPT" for examples.