Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh osteopathy

So any of us that are DO students, or friends/significant others of a DO student know this conversation by heart. Yep, I'm talking about how you try to explain to a non-medical person wtf a DO is vs. an MD. My husband was visiting with some friends from the restaurant he worked at in college, and was trying to explain it to them. The conversation went like this:

Neil: Yeah, she's an osteopathic student, she'll be a DO.
Friend: So like a chiropractor?
Neil: Not a doctor who can do that.
Friend: So she's a bone doctor.
Neil: Kinda.
Friend: So what's she going to do? Orthopedics?
Neil: Actually she's thinking either family practice or OB/Gyn
Friend: Wait, so does she like bones or vaginas?
Neil: I guess vaginas.


Michelle said...

Vaginas? We all know you like dic.

Katie said...

Well, at least they knew the root of the word osteopathy was meant bone.